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A New Era For Rail Renewals Delivery

May 15, 2024
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Much has been written in recent years about the value that could be derived from greater collaboration and better integration in rail infrastructure renewal programmes. Well, now it’s happening – and Octavius is proud to be a part of it.

Network Rail’s Southern region Southern Renewals Enterprise (SRE) represents a radical departure from traditional ways of organising contracts and workstreams. Based on Project 13 principles, the £9bn, 10-year renewal programme will be executed by the Southern Integrated Delivery (SID) partnership starting at the beginning of Control Period 7.

Why Change?

Project 13 outlined how alternative ways of organising project delivery could help overcome productivity and coordination issues that lead to avoidable costs, disruption and delays. The key difference is replacing a collection of discrete contracts and projects with a unified enterprise focused on delivering better outcomes.

Within the SID, Octavius is taking the lead on the Electrification and Plant workstream, working closely alongside VolkerFitzpatrick (Building and Civils), AtkinsRéalis (signalling), VolkerRail (track) and Network Rail (minor works).

Liz Baldwin, the recently appointed SID Director hailed the SRE and SID as ‘an amazing opportunity to make a step change in how efficiently and safely we can deliver renewals in a more effective and collaborative way across the region.’

What’s Different?

The SRE will help shape different kinds of relationships that transcend traditional client-contractor models. The focus is on building long-term partnerships that deliver better outcomes for taxpayers and travellers.

Southern Integrated Delivery (SID) will be empowered to plan, specify, assemble and handback the full Southern renewals portfolio. Partners will pool expertise and resources so that all renewal works are delivered in a coordinated way to maximise efficiency and develop more intelligent project solutions.

The benefits of implementing Project 13 principles will go beyond straightforward project delivery. SID is an approach that will foster creativity and innovation and, finally, make a significant impact on productivity, while delivering better quality and a more resilient network.

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