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Much of our work is delivered through frameworks. A framework is a legal agreement between a buyer and one or more suppliers.

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Benefits of Frameworks

It allows all parties to benefit from the economies of scale created within that agreement. A framework removes the need for buyers to conduct standalone procurement required to deliver projects, saving time, money and internal resources.

Frameworks inject speed, confidence and certainty into project delivery. Like others, Octavius pre-qualifies to a framework which means that when you approach us through a framework you know that you’re talking to a delivery expert who can meet your needs and expectations and who has been qualified as competent in their area of service. The frameworks we are part of are fully compliant with UK and Scottish Regulations so you can be certain that the procurement process is comprehensive, robust and fair.

Current Active Frameworks

Electrification & Plant CP7/8

Stations & Buildings CP7

CP6 Enhancements CP7 Y1-3

Kent Sussex & Wesses Minor Works CP6

London Rail

Regional Delivery Partnership (RPD) Midlands & Southwest

Scheme Delivery Framework (SDF) North East & North West


M25 Lifecycles COFA 2

Capital Projects

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