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Commercial Property

Our experience covers the refurbishment of offices, buildings and railway arches owned by Network Rail or other private companies.

Our consultative approach is driven by understanding our customers’ objectives. Solutions combine our construction and engineering expertise with innovation to deliver successful and cost effective projects.

The challenge is often to overcome the limitations of building-related constraints while making the most of a building’s qualities both internally and externally. This is especially true when looking at refurbishment projects, which are all about maximising a building’s potential. An effective refurbishment produces the combined benefits of rental uplift for better-quality space and an increase in lettable floor area. Given the right location it makes these schemes particularly valuable to investors.

Our ability to work with Architects and Structural Engineers, to plan and sequence a construction programme that balances safety and stability with speed of construction is highly valued by customers when their income is at stake.

What may look like a simple office block on the outside does not always convey the complexities and challenges of creating the most effective work space. A positive atmosphere and environment within office accommodation can improve performance through greater efficiency and workforce interaction. Flexible space that supports the aspirations and changing needs of the organisation throughout the lifetime of the building is better when built in from the outset.

Commercial Property
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