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Electrification & Plant Works

We design, and install, new, and upgrading life-expired, plant system across the rail network.

In line with and in support of Network Rail’s ambition for a low-emission railway, as well as the UK’s Net Zero 2050 goals, our Electrification and Plant (E&P) team deliver the full range of power and plant upgrades and renewal.

Network Rail’s strategic plan for CP6 also has a significant programme of E&P infrastructure renewals to continue improving the reliability of the railway.

On the Wessex route, HV and DC Switchgear Renewals at Lymington, New Milton, Ashurst, Northbrook, Shawford and Fulwell were transferred to our E&P team with the GRIP Stage 4 – Form A complete.

Our approach has generated significant efficiency savings at the same time as resolving access constraints in some very difficult rail locked locations and often in highly sensitive environments.

Read on for more information about our E&P capabilities and project experience.


Electrification & Plant Works

E&P Project Process

Site investigations, surveys and design development and interfaces are carefully and progressively assessed and managed. Early supply chain involvement and their integration into the entire process guarantees more effective and efficient solutions. 

Close collaboration with our clients also ensures the solutions we develop meet their requirements from the outset. The alignment and coordination of E&P activities with other asset work enables greater flexibility and efficiency in planning and possession utilisation.

We will work with clients to identify the right party to purchase key, long lead items of equipment, and ensure this is appropriately assured throughout the design and procurement process.

When carrying out E&P installation & commissioning works, our specialist supply partners & our own internal resource collaborate to ensure the works are delivered in the most efficient manner whilst maintaining the safe operation of the railway at all times. Keeping passengers moving is always at the forefront of design, planning and delivery.

During testing and commissioning activities, we will work with interfacing project teams, maintenance and interfacing disciplines, such as telecomms/signalling/SCADA to ensure the works are delivered seamlessly by all parties. Our in-house possession planners proactively liaise with all parties to agree and maximise all access opportunities and ensure these are being used in the most efficient manner.

River Axe Culvert Flood Alleviation (6)

Examples of Our E&P Work

The type of E&P work we undertake depends on the specific project, but it often involves:

Replacing life expired E&P assets
Improving operational reliability & resilience
Replacing assets that no longer have access to maintenance spares with modern equivalents.

Improving access to distribution buildings

Electrification & Plant Works

Some of the Specific Projects we Have Worked on Include:

  • HV Switchgear Renewals.
  • HV Feeder Cable renewals (which include the removal of oil filled HV feeder cables to replace with modern equivalents, removing a significant environmental risk that NR currently have).
  • DC Switchgear renewals (including the introduction of the innovative integrated NCSCD / Integrated DCCB’s).
  • Transformer rectifier unit renewals.
  • NSCD Installations.
  • DNO Supply Installations.
  • Station lighting and rewires.
  • Depot Protection Installations.
  • Earthing Renewals.
  • Conductor Rail Renewals.
  • ETE Installations.
  • Signal Power Supply Installations.
  • RTU Installations.
  • DC & HV Protection Installations.
  • Distribution building domestic rewiring.


Octavius has experience on a wide range of Electrification & Plant Works projects across the UK. Read more about them below.

Rail E&P – Switchgear Renewals – Improving efficiency and certainty
Rail E&P – Switchgear Renewals – Improving efficiency and certainty
Network Rail’s strategic plan for CP6 has a significant programme of Electrification and Plant (E&P) infrastructure renewals ...
HV Feeder Renewals – Portsmouth to London – fast track to completion
HV Feeder Renewals – Portsmouth to London – fast track to completion
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E&P Capability – Full speed ahead on Wessex Route
E&P Capability – Full speed ahead on Wessex Route
Such has been the success of the integration of Electrification and Plant (E&P) activities under the collaborative umbrella ...
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