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A Testament to Women as We Celebrate International Women in Engineering Day: 

June 24, 2024
International Womens Day

The Rail Development Manager

Engineering, a field renowned for its diversity and complexity, encompasses a wide array of disciplines and roles. The Rail Development Manager is a prime example, playing a crucial part in ensuring the smooth planning and execution of rail projects. This role is a testament to the growing presence and contributions of women in engineering, a field historically dominated by men.

In celebration of International Women in Engineering Day on the 23rd June, whose theme this year is, “Enhanced by Engineering,” we asked Paige Baker, Development Manager in the Octavius Electrification and Plant (E&P) Rail team, to highlight the key responsibilities, challenges, and rewards of this dynamic profession.

Choosing a Path: STEM Enthusiast to Engineering Professional

Paige’s journey into engineering began with a natural aptitude for STEM subjects, particularly mathematics and physics. Her problem-solving skills and analytical mindset, coupled with a family connection to the construction industry, paved the way for a career in engineering. While the initial decision to pursue engineering was clear, the specific discipline remained an open question.

Embracing Challenges and Finding Fulfilment

As a Rail Development Manager, Paige thrives on the ever-changing nature of her role. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities to learn from her team, from designers and engineers to on-site delivery teams. Collaboration is at the heart of her work, whether it involves reviewing designs, planning meetings, or defining engineering surveys. This dynamic environment fuels her passion for problem-solving and continuous learning.

Balancing Work and Passion: A Love for Horses

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Paige finds solace and relaxation in her lifelong passion for horse riding. From an early age, she has found a unique sense of calm and escape in this activity, allowing her to disconnect from the demands of work and recharge.

Overcoming Challenges and Finding Direction

Paige’s career journey has not been without its challenges. One of the most significant hurdles was determining her ideal career path after university. Unlike some of her peers who had a clear vision, Paige initially struggled with what to do. However, through diverse experiences and rotations within a graduate scheme, she discovered her passion for working in the pre-construction team. This realisation highlighted the importance of exploring different roles and opportunities to find one’s niche.

A Bright Future Ahead

Paige expresses pride in her upcoming professional review for IEng and was recently awarded a colleague award. Her dedication and enthusiasm for engineering shine through, as she continues to grow and develop in her role.

Advice for Aspiring Engineers

For young people interested in STEM subjects, Paige offers valuable advice: “Be inquisitive, open-minded, and take advantage of all opportunities to experience the industry.” Her own journey exemplifies the importance of curiosity, adaptability, and a willingness to explore different paths within the engineering field.

Paige’s story is a testament to the rewarding and diverse nature of a career in engineering. Her passion for problem-solving, collaborative spirit, and dedication to continuous learning are evident in her work as a Rail Development Manager.  Her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring female engineers and a reminder of the endless possibilities that await those who embrace the challenges and opportunities of this dynamic field.

For further information about careers at Octavius, email: careers@octavius.co.uk

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