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A Sustainability Wish-List For Car Park Construction

March 6, 2024
Image of electric vehicle charging point within a modular car park

If you had to choose your top three sustainability criteria for a new car park, what would they be?

Priority number one would probably be to reduce the environmental impact of the construction works. This impact is reflected in vehicle movements, disruption in and around the construction site, and the level of embodied carbon in the completed structure.

Next, you’d probably consider end-of-life. Is the structure reusable or, at worst, fully recyclable – in practice as well as in theory?

Finally, you’d consider compatibility with renewable energy and growing electric vehicle use.

If you’ve put ticks against all of those priorities it’s worth your while to head over to our modular car parks resource centre.

Here you’ll find details about how the novel modular car park system developed by Octavius and Siderpark meets all of these goals. Meanwhile, here’s a quick summary.

Minimal Disruption

The structure is fabricated offsite and can be delivered and erected in a controlled sequence to minimise disruption. The lightweight steel frame is bolted together so there’s a minimum of onsite construction activity.

Embodied Carbon

If you want to add additional decks to an existing surface level car park there’s often no need to dig foundations, which makes a major contribution to limiting the level of embodied carbon.


If some or all of the additional parking is no longer needed at some point the structure is easy to dismantle and re-use. Ultimately, it’s all recyclable using existing waste management streams.

Renewables And EVs

As for renewable energy, car parks can easily incorporate PV panels and they’re designed around simple installation and expansion of EV charging points.

There’s a final sustainability benefit too. The system is ideal for small footprint car parks that can be placed strategically for easy access – cutting emissions from vehicles travelling to and from parking locations.

If you need additional parking and care about sustainability our modular car park system could be the answer.

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