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Transport hubs with the right parking solution help build prosperity for all

May 9, 2023

How can infrastructure development be targeted to make a bigger impact for more people? Perhaps this is what levelling up should be about – getting the most benefit for everyone.

Transport Hubs make a real difference to many people and communities. They improve mobility for work, education and leisure by linking transport modes and improving access for all.

Even if public transport networks were significantly upgraded, many people will still need to start their journey by car. Bus and train services can’t yet adequately support all communities. Car parking is an important component of a workable transport hub and can assist in supporting modal shifts.

Car parks may even be the part that makes the whole journey work. From Rail or Car, to E-bike, to E-Scooter or on foot, the transport ecosystem is dependent on a focal hub. Our car park can be this hub.

Space, cost and flexibility are critical success factors in finding the ideal car park solution. The location of a typical transport hub makes it important to achieve a high density of parking spaces. The footprint occupied by the car park is often a design constraint.

A flexible building system such as Octavius-Siderpark modular car parks makes it possible to design-in the optimum blend of total demand, dwell times and peak usage. We can then pack all of that into a small footprint and may not even need to dig foundations. If demand changes in the future, the modular system means we can easily alter the layout, add or remove sections, put in more EV charging points – whatever’s needed to make the best business case.

The modular system is also cheaper and less disruptive to install than a conventional multi storey structure. You can find out more by accessing our resource centre or contact Barry Goss (


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