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What Do Dancing Robots Have To Do With Car Park Innovations?

June 27, 2024

Modular car park construction is already simplifying and accelerating how multi-storey car parks are designed and built. But innovation never stands still. So what other technological advances are on the not-too-distant horizon?

Smart Parking

No technology discussion would be complete without mentioning AI. There’s little doubt that AI will be used increasingly to analyse and model traffic flows and existing parking patterns to help optimise the location and configuration of new car parks.

Technology already helps improve the customer experience in many car parks with smart parking guidance systems and online parking space availability notifications.

3D Printing

When it comes to how car parks are built, 3D printing offers many potential advantages. Composite modular components could be printed onsite to reduce transportation costs and disruption.

The technology allows complex lightweight structures to be created that would allow designers even more freedom to push the boundaries of car park design and functionality.


Robots and automated assembly will inevitably play a role in future construction projects. If there’s a detailed 3D design featuring modular components that are assembled in a defined sequence, it seems perfectly logical that much of the assembly process could be automated on site.

The major difference between a construction site and a production line is that the robots used would need greater mobility. But if robots can dance they can probably assemble much of the framework for a car park.

Automation has multiplied productivity levels in manufacturing and could do the same for car park construction.


The steel used to fabricate car parks will increasingly be recycled and sourced from low-carbon manufacturing. Modular structures also make it simple to install and expand EV charging points as demand increases so that range anxiety becomes a thing of the past.

What’s beyond doubt is that improved sustainability is more attainable with modern modular systems than traditional construction. There are also many more opportunities to apply new technologies and innovations.

You can read more about innovations in car park construction through our resource centre. Or by contacting Octavius on hello@octavius.co.uk

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