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Where Would We Be Without Civil Engineers?

March 20, 2024
Octavius workers

As most people go about their daily lives, they give little thought to Civil Engineers and what they do. Yet those engineers helped shape and open up the world we all live in.

For most of mankind’s history, horizons were limited by, well, the horizon. Literally as far as you could see was as far as most people went or could imagine going. A few intrepid explorers went to seek out new lands, but most people would only hear or later read about those places without ever hoping to see them.

Now, hundreds or even thousands of miles are within a fairly routine day’s travelling. Where we live isn’t tied to where we have to work. That’s an astonishing transformation when you stop to think about it. And it’s largely down to the vision and skills of Civil Engineers. Maybe it’s time they got more credit.

Making Difficult Things Possible

Every transport infrastructure project is a set of problems waiting to be cracked. There are multiple constraints such as topography, geology and the existing built environment that you can’t change. You have to find smart and creative ways to work with what’s there.

How do we build this cost-effectively and safely? How do we create a new asset without bringing the entire network to a halt for longer than strictly necessary? How do we maximise the lifespan and make it easy to maintain? All bread and butter issues for Civil Engineers.

Help Build Our Future

Rather like the evolution of civilization (see, the word civil’s right there) the evolution of Octavius as a business is largely driven by our engineering capabilities. And because we’re growing and taking on larger and more significant programmes, we’re looking to bring more talented Civil Engineers into the team.

So if you want to work in an environment where your unique ability to solve difficult engineering challenges is celebrated, take a look at our current opportunities.

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