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Sustainability & Environment

Sustainability & Environment

Sustainability Plan

R&W has been growing sustainably over the last 30 years and is renowned for its self-delivery and family ethos. Our Sustainability Strategy builds on the plans and great work already being done around the business and is used to interlink all the different aspects of sustainability into one strategy. 

It is reviewed regularly and is flexible, allowing us to continually adapt to changes in our stakeholders needs and expectations. Within the strategy, objectives with key performance indicators and targets are used to monitor progress and focus on the key elements.

R&W’s strategy is based on the three pillars of sustainability and how they relate to the R&W Group of companies:

  • People – Maintaining the family ethos, creating a workplace which is friendly, respectful and inclusive which enhances the wellbeing, development and progression of our people. This culture is also extended outside of the business to our clients, supply-chain and the communities in which we operate.
  • Planet – Climate change, habitat loss and environmental issues are at the forefront of peoples concerns. Building on our current culture of resource efficiency, our aim is to create a sustainable future for our people and the world.
  • Prosperity – Adding value and helping those in need, we will assist in the reduction of social and economic inequality throughout the communities where we work and our supply chain.

Sustainability & Environment

The R&W Way

The strategy also reflects our company values, known as the R&W Way and was not only developed to compliment and support the needs and expectations of our stakeholders, but also to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Sustainability & Environment

Social value

R&W is built on its family ethos and improving people’s lives, this embraces the communities in which we operate.

We are increasing our Social Value to support thriving communities, this enables us to have a workforce and supply chain fit for our needs in the present and for the future, we are also supporting those in need and assist in the reduction of social and economic inequality.

We do this in many ways from collaborating with charities and community events, helping apprentices and graduates into work, refurbishment of schools and community facilities and spending and employing locally. We find this approach nurtures good community relations and provides a sense of wellbeing for our employees.

Sustainability & Environment


At R&W we realise all of our activities can have an impact on the environment, but we mitigate this by responsibly managing our operations, helping our clients deliver more sustainable schemes, creating thriving biodiversity and optimising our operations to reduce our impact on climate change.

Our management system which is certificated to ISO14001 sets out our processes to plan and control our impact, alongside our objectives and targets which continually improve how we operate.

As part of our responsible management we not only reduce our impact on the environment but improve it where possible, leaving a green legacy across our operations and beyond.

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