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Where to find cost savings and flexibility in transport hub and car park design

January 18, 2023

‘Let’s start at the very beginning,’ as the old song goes. And if you’re looking for cost savings and design flexibility for a new transport hub or car park project it really is a very good place to start.

The unique modular car parking system developed by Octavius and Siderpark represents a fundamentally different way of creating more parking capacity. Many of the preconceived constraints, complications and costs you associate with building a car park might simply not apply.

For example, you may not need to dig foundations (which come with significant costs and embodied carbon). In all probability you can fit your target number of spaces into a smaller footprint or fewer decks with a simpler design.

Tapping into this expertise early in the process can be the difference between a marginal business case and one that’s fully viable. It’s also more efficient to finalise a cost-effective and smarter design solution early on – particularly before starting the planning approval process.

Flexible layouts

Our modular car parking system deploys a lightweight steel frame. There are relatively large spans between the supporting structural elements, which gives enormous flexibility over the layout. This is particularly important when it comes to optimising the layout for typical dwell times and peak access and exit periods.

Another potential planning consent issue is the prospect of a long and disruptive build programme. With the Octavius-Siderpark solution the structure is fabricated offsite and then quickly assembled at the final location. Onsite works can be completed in as little as 10 weeks with significantly less noise and disruption. The total duration from design to delivery can be as short as 30 weeks.

Flexibility also extends to bringing the additional capacity into service. The system allows for phased opening of sections of the new car park, which is particularly helpful when additional or displacement capacity is needed as part of a wider land development programme.

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