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Space efficient, sustainable car parks ideal for hospitals and multi-modal hubs

June 1, 2023

Car parks are more than somewhere to park cars. Understanding the reasons why more spaces are needed, how the spaces will be used, and appreciating the economic, environmental and social context is what drives value. This is particularly true for additional parking on hospital sites.

Modern car park design is more complex than fitting a number of bays into a given footprint. Sustainability, and the role of the new parking facilities in a broader transport strategy are now bigger considerations – particularly in sectors such as healthcare.

More ambitious requirements drive innovation. Which is how Octavius and Siderpark collaborated to revolutionise car park design and construction.

Space-efficient modular solutions

The structure for our modular car park solution is made entirely from lightweight steel components that can be easily dismantled and reused at the end of the car park’s life.

Flexible layouts with large spans make the best use of space to maximise parking density and improve traffic flows. Usually this means a small footprint and fewer decks, with more space to accommodate features such as secure bike storage and PV panels for renewable energy regeneration.

A typical hospital has a limited amount of space. Ideally you want as much of this as possible to be used for treating patients. Often there are also large areas of surface level parking. Our modular system can usually be installed directly on top of surface level parking to add capacity without eating up more space.

Keep pace with demand for EV charging

Electric vehicles will become more common with each passing year. Ideally charging capacity should be increased gradually to match investment with demand growth. The Octavius-Siderpark solution is designed with this in mind.

It’s possible to slot in more charging points as demand increases without having to dig up large sections of the car park.

Low disruption installation

Traditional construction methods can be highly disruptive in terms of noise, dust and vehicle movements. By embracing MMC principles much of this can be avoided.

Normally we can add one or two decks to an existing surface level car park without needing to dig foundations. The components can also be delivered to site in a carefully phased sequence at the least busy times.

Full service

NHS trusts have more to think about than managing demand for car parking space. That’s why we offer a full service including design, construction, commissioning and financing.

You can find out more by accessing our resource centre or contact Barry Goss (barry.goss@octaviusinfrastructure.co.uk).

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