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How Intelligent Parking Solutions Unlock Economic Development and Regeneration

June 21, 2022

Increased economic activity is at the heart of successful regeneration. It brings jobs and prosperity that feed through into better mental and physical wellbeing, higher educational attainment and many other benefits.

Successful regeneration is highly sensitive to place and creating the right infrastructure assets. Encouraging people to live, work and set up businesses in an area means having efficient and affordable transport.

For some, this means public transport or safe cycling and walking routes. For others it means making areas accessible for cars without being choked or dominated by them. Flexible parking solutions that are fully in tune with a sense of place are often essential to deliver the balance of desired outcomes.

Why Traditional Car Parks Don’t Always Work

Traditional car park designs and business models tend to favour large, centralised solutions. These compete for prime development land and can increase traffic congestion because so many cars have to get to and from the same central location.

When there’s not enough parking close to where it’s needed – such as business parks and commercial centres – surrounding roads become clogged with parked cars. Congestion and inconvenience tend to work against the objectives of regeneration. This often happens when only surface level parking is provided because multi-storey options seem too expensive.

A Flexible Solution

The innovative, modular car park solution developed by Octavius and Siderpark offers the flexibility to create cost-effective, smaller scale multi-storey car parks in exactly the right locations. This could be in town centres, next to railway stations or even on compact sites such as disused petrol stations.

Usually, there’s no need to dig foundations, which means that additional parking capacity can be up and running extremely quickly to help alleviate or prevent parking problems and traffic congestion. Just as important, prime development land can be put to better and more profitable use than parking cars.

“The modular car parking system is one example of how Octavius reflects the aims of the Infrastructure Roadmap. We do this by applying innovative thinking to deliver outcomes that are broader than the project itself, and which can be easily adapted to meet specific local needs.” Barry Goss, Car Parks Lead, Octavius Infrastructure.

Find out more by visiting our modular car park resource centre, or contact Barry Goss (

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