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A practical solution to the lack of EV charging for commuters

August 21, 2023
EV charging bays for commuters

Where can I recharge? This factor typically dominates the journey plans of the electric vehicle driver. Public charging availability also matters to anyone considering switching to an EV in the first place.

So if we want to boost the uptake of EVs, having charging facilities where people need to use them is an excellent place to start. And yet, according to research by the Electric Car Scheme, only 44% of commuter-focused car parks have charging facilities.

That’s a significant gap in charging availability affecting some of the most common journeys people make.

Not only that, but just 1% of parking spaces in commuter areas are dedicated to EVs – despite the fact that EVs and plug-in hybrids make up nearly 25% of new car sales.

Many people who’d like to opt for low carbon transport, either for the whole of their journey or as part of a multi-modal commute, face a major obstacle.

The task isn’t just to serve today’s carbon-conscious drivers; it’s also to deliver the flexibility to rapidly install additional chargers to meet growing demand.

A simple option to expand EV charging

Expanding the number of EV charging bays in commuter areas is easier than you might think. It doesn’t have to mean digging up large sections of existing car park surface to lay cables.

The modular car parking system developed by Octavius and Siderpark was designed with electric vehicles in mind. Once there’s a power supply installed it can easily be routed to charging stations throughout the structure. The charging network can be expanded when needed with very little effort or cost.

Another advantage of the modular system is that it’s usually possible to add one or two additional parking decks to a surface level car park without digging foundations.

When it’s quick and easy to build upwards you can reduce the car park footprint – perhaps allowing for redevelopment, green spaces, or to free space for secure bike storage.

Find out more about greener parking alternatives by visiting our modular car park resource centre or contact Barry Goss (

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