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Scheme Delivery Framework (SDF)

About the project

Ensuring safe and reliable journeys through the SDF

The SDF is a six-year comprehensive renewals framework to maintain, repair and renew England’s Strategic Road Network. The aim of the framework is to ensure safe and reliable journeys for road users, limit repeat maintenance, reduce workforce exposure to traffic and reduce the overall cost of maintaining the network. The framework is made up of different contractors and designers from different specialist disciplines who work collaboratively to deliver network improvement and maintenance schemes in each region. It is a performancebased framework, with works directly allocated by National Highways based on past performance.

Building on our strong relationship with National Highways through the SDF South West Drainage Lot

R&W was appointed as the delivery partner for the Drainage Lot in the South West region, which covers Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire (Areas 1 and 2). As a previous member of the South West Construction Works Framework (which the SDF replaced), R&W has an established relationship with National Highways, which the SDF continues to build on. We are key member of the SDF ‘Community’, participating in the framework’s forums and working groups with National Highways and other SDF contractors, to continually drive improvements and promote best practice in areas such as health and safety, sustainability and innovation.

Schemes delivered

Filter Drain Renewals M5 J21-31 (£1.4m) (NEC 3 Option E)

Filter Drain Renewals A30 (£966k) (NEC 3 Option C)

These schemes involved renewals and repairs to filter drains at various locations on the A30 between Cheriton Bishop (Devon) and Bolventor (Cornwall) and along the M5 between junctions 21 and 31. Works included:
● Early Contractor Involvement (ECI): during scheme development, we worked collaboratively with National Highways to develop the scope of works. This included joint site visits to identify critical drainage locations and undertaking trial holes to WAC test soils.
● Carrying out filter drain remediation works along the westbound and eastbound carriageways, including nearside and central reservation areas. This involved excavating and removing existing filter stone to a depth of 400mm, 1m back from the edge of carriageway.
● Removing excavated material from site to the site compound and recycling it, including screening to remove any silt and debris.
● Reinstating the filter drains with the cleaned filter stone and imported filter stone.

Due to our performance delivering the filter drain renewal works, National Highways have allocated further filter drain renewal schemes across the South West to our works pipeline.

M5 J21-31 Filter Drain Trial Holes and Testing (£68k) (NEC4 Option E)

M5 Drainage Phase 1 Surveys (£2.5k) (NEC4 Option E)

ECI works involving trial holes, testing and surveys for the M5 J21-31Filter Drain Renewals scheme.

A35 Wilmington Trial Holes (£6k) (NEC4 Option E)

ECI works involving trial holes for an upcoming drainage scheme on the A35 in Wilmington.

Scope of works

● Construction, commissioning and removal of drainage and manhole/catch pits
● Renewal and recycling of filter drain material
● Renewal and repair of pipes and pipe lining
● Renewal of ditches, swales, ponds and other vegetative treatment systems
● Control and disposal of contaminated material
● Installation, commissioning and removal and renewal of flow control equipment
● Installation, commissioning and removal and renewal of other drainage ancillary items, including petrol interceptors and pumping station equipment
● Carrying out the duties of the Maintenance & Response Contractor and providing incident response when instructed

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